Result of logo and slogan contests for the LATINOAMERICAN brain initiative – LATBrain

Neurosciences have gained great relevance in the world in the last ten years. Developed countries have made a historic investment in understanding the mysteries of the brain and turning this new knowledge to the prevention, treatment, and cure of diseases of the nervous system, the development of new technologies, and the promotion of changes in education, culture, economy and other areas of life in society. Latin America has begun to take its first steps in this endeavor, counting on a historical heritage in studies on the nervous system, characterized by a culture of cooperation that has brought together renowned researchers from the region. Therefore, we can contribute from Latin America to the area of ​​knowledge of the nervous system and thus contribute to essential transformations in various aspects of society.

The mission of the Latin American Brain Initiative is to promote and advance research on the nervous system through research collaboration and knowledge exchange, to expand the scope of our research, to disseminate new knowledge and scientific applications for the benefit of our countries and the world.

Considering these concepts, LATBrain implemented the contest to select a logo with proposals from Brazil, Mexico, and Uruguay. A committee of LATBrain members evaluated the recommendations and then presented the winning design.


We now wish to thank the participants in the call for obtaining a logo and slogan that represent the Latin American Brain Initiative (LATBrain). In this contest, which took place in recent weeks, contestants from various countries in the region participated with great enthusiasm. The following design is the winning logo of Osmar Hernández from Mexico.

The winning slogans were the following:

  1. Brain with Latin American science and consciousness” proposed by the Neuroscience group of Colombia.
  2. Transforming the world through the brain” proposed by Analu Fogaça Monteiro from Brazil.

Choosing the logo and slogans for LATBrain was not easy since the material received was of high quality. We already thank you, and we thank you for having counted on you in this important effort. We look forward to your participation and that of your collaborators in future LATBrain activities.

LATBrain Strategic Planning Committee (CoPEs)