General organization of LATBRAIN

LATBRAIN is implementing an organization that includes the creation of four work areas:

Strategic Planning Steering Committee

This committee is made up of a representative and two alternates from each of the Latin American countries that make up LATBRAIN. The Steering Committee is made up of a Coordinator and a Secretary among its members. This committee meets at least once a year in person or online.

Among others, the tasks of this committee include preparing a strategic plan, convening working groups in the areas that are considered priority, integrating, and communicating the different proposals that arise from these working groups or specific recommendations made by the other centralizing countries of communications. Directed to the Latin American Brain Initiative and organize its representation.

The group of participating agents

The Collective of Participating Agents will be made up of the different organizations that participate in and support the Latin American Brain Initiative, such as:

• Research centers, programs, and institutes

• Universities

• Research laboratories

• Others.

Organizations of recognized scientific activity in the area of ​​Brain Sciences and associations or civil organizations that have adhered to the Declaration of Montevideo will also join (insert link).

Each country will designate at least two representatives of the Collective to participate in the LATBRAIN annual meeting.

Collective of Companies and Financing Agencies

This group of Financing Companies and Agencies will be made up of those agents interested in collaborating and financially supporting LATBRAIN.

All companies and funding agencies will be invited to participate in the annual meeting of the Latin American Brain Initiative.

Local integration work

Each country will create working groups or other collaboration and exchange mechanisms to prepare proposals to develop and implement LATBRAIN’s strategic plan. Each country will transmit its proposals and vision to its representatives in the Strategic Planning Steering Committee.