The beginning of the Latin American Brain Initiative (LATBrain) is in the Brain Initiative Meeting organized by the Society of Neurosciences of Uruguay at the Clemente Stable Biological Research Institute in Montevideo, Uruguay. The participants, representing different institutions related to neuroscience from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Cuba and Uruguay, signed on August 31, 2019 a declaration of intent to create a Latin American Brain initiative). In November 2019, the drafting and signing of the founding document were completed.

The LATBrain represents the union of more than 10 Latin American and Caribbean countries to strengthen the bridges of cooperation for the study of neurosciences. This collaboration aims to draw the bridges both for clinical (neurological and psychiatric) and basic studies for understanding the nervous system. Knowledge is the fundamental tool to understand the pathologies and propose new and more effective treatment methods. The work of basic and clinical scientists is essential for this important and impactful project for our societies. This initiative favors cooperation ties among countries, in a scenario of mutual gain, in which societies in all countries would benefit. Unity is strength, and we believe that this is the only way we can face complex problems, such as those that have to do with the nervous system and its dysfunctions. Only by working together will we achieve the desired impact, both scientific and social.