Mission and Vision

The mission of the LATBrain is to promote and advance brain research through collaboration and knowledge exchange, combining the different approaches and visions in Latin America to expand the scope of our research, and thus produce and disseminate new knowledge and scientific applications for the benefit of our countries and the world.

The vision is to achieve a deep and comprehensive knowledge of the brain that leads us to improve the quality of life of people in the world, in the different areas of individual and social life.

The LATBRAIN will achieve its goals by identifying common priorities to the different countries and facilitating the exchange of ideas; recognizing opportunities and challenges in our region; building networks and catalyzing collaborations that involve its members, scientists from academia and industry, educators, philanthropists, communicators, governments, civil society, and stakeholders from other areas of science; and stimulating the creation of national programs and / or projects in brain sciences.

We hope that, through LATBrain, we will leverage the platforms for the study of the Brain. Undoubtedly, in the region, we are in a position to establish reference centers in Brain Sciences, to create cooperation platforms that allow optimizing access to technology in the region, to increase the flow of researchers and students between the countries that make up the different Brain Initiatives, aggregate cultural aspects and solutions specific to our region, work to improve ethical, bioethical and gender equality aspects in science, and establish a strategic plan for the development of Brain Sciences that includes the complementarity of the needs and capacities of our countries .

All these purposes are adopted by LATBrain with a sense of urgency so that all the countries that compose it can begin to work in the search for the best ways to position Latin America as an important node in the global plan of Brain Initiatives.