Workshop Covid 19 and Brain: Latin American Contribution to the Global Problem

Friday, December 10th, 9:30 a.m. (UTC-3, Montevideo, Buenos Aires)

We will use the ZOOM platform. Please, confirm your participation at to receive the link.


9: 30-9:50. Presentation of the dynamic of the workshop

9: 50-11:00. Discussion on the triggering questions and others that arise about Covid-19 and Brain divided in small groups

11: 00-11:30. Integrative summary of the discussion in small groups

11:30-11:45. Biobreak

11:45-12:45. We will divide back in small groups based on the relevant questions that arose from the previous two hours

12:45-13:15. Integration of the discussion in small groups and creation of working groups to write the conclusions.

Questions and points to trigger the discussion (if you have a preference to discuss a particular question, please point this out when confirming your participation).

1) What are we investigating in Latin America regarding acute and long Covid-19 and the Brain; and what would we need to investigate in the future?

2) What specific characteristics do the effects of Covid-19 have on the brain have in Latin America?

3) Which are the infection routes and pathophysiological mechanisms (clinical or basic research)?

4) What are the symptom clusters and the pattern of progression of the disease? What are the factor of resilience and plasticity of the brain?

5) What is the influence of the acute stage on the long Covid?

6) What biomarker investigations are needed for diagnosis?

7) What research is needed to improve treatment and rehabilitation?

8) What research is needed on methods of distance diagnosis, for cognition, psychiatry, psychology for the brain that allow massive application?

9) Do we need cheap diagnostic methods and research on how to “calibrate” more expensive diagnostic methods to cheaper ones?

10) What factors should be considered when designing of experiments and in its analysis?

11) How to access databases? Who is willing to, and how can we share data and records?


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