LATBrain Symposium on Neurodegenerative Diseases

October 2022 

LATBrain is organizing an international symposium on it to be held during October 2022.

It will be focused on neurodegenerative diseases.

We will publish the preliminary program soon. 

Stay tuned!

Alzheimer disease

“It has been reported that during the last decade, Latin American countries have reported a high prevalence of dementia, ranging between 6.2 and 12.1%, among people older than 65 years.” (Llibre-Guerra et al., 2020. Alzheimer & Dementia)

Parkinson’s disease

“In Latin American countries, a prevalence of Parkinsonism of 8.0% and a prevalence of Parkinson’s Disease of 2.0% have been reported in people over 65 years of age. (Llibre-Guerra et al., 2022. The Lancet)

Neuromuscular diseases

“In Latin America, patients with hereditary neuromuscular diseases (MND) often do not have access to specialized medical centers and many of them are not diagnosed.” (Monges et al., 2017. Gene Therapy)


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